As a designer and outdoor-lover, sustainability is always a top priority in my designs. For this project, I wanted to take on a challenge of designing products made from other products, repurposing/upcycling something to make something entirely new.
The idea for this collection came from my favorite climber, conrad anker, who has stated that he uses old tyvek fed-ex mailers to store his crampons on climbs. Tyvek is a very interesting material, used in things from mailers to house coverings. it is ultra-lightweight, waterproof, and tear-resistant, not too dissimilar from fabrics used in technical outdoor gear. 
I used this collection of designs to explore the prospect of using tyvek in outdoor gear. 

Zippered + Tapered chalk bag

Lightweight Alpine Pack

Bouldering Chalk Bucket

Camp Duffle Bag

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